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QSL Tackle

"We  ARE Fishing!"

Muskie Fishing

Muskie fishing is an extremely fun sport! These wonderful fish put up a great fight and once landed in the boat, the excitement continues!


Here in Dryden, the opportunities are endless for Muskie Fishing! We are surrounded by many different lakes for Muskies to call home.


Stop in at QSL Tackle and check out are BIG selection of different Muskie Lures, Rods, Reels and SOOOOOOOO much more!


Everything you may need can be found right here at QSL Tackle!


We do Special Orders!!


- Legend Tournament Muskie Rods

- Mojo Muskie Rods

- Premier Muskie Rods



- Telescopic Muskie Rods


- Giant Flatstick

- Giant Thunderstick


- Chatterbait     - Double Dawg

- Pro Dawg


- Lures, Lures and more Lures!


- Buzzers        - Clackers

- Muskie Buck

This is just a taste of what QSL Tackle has to offer! Words just cant describe what we have to offer you!









OPEN 7am-9pm